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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Special Green Edition of Radical Criminology Call for Papers

Articles are invited for a special ‘Green’ edition of the journal Radical Criminology. The overarching theme of the edition will be arguing for a green criminology as a means of addressing environmental harms (including animal abuse and wildlife crime) which are often ignored by mainstream criminology.

The editors are interested in papers that discuss how a green criminological perspective can inform criminal justice and social policy perspectives and wider social harms that extend beyond narrow definitions of crime and criminal behaviour.  The special edition follows the journal’s ‘deep green’ perspective which draws attention to and opposes the integral relationships between capitalist exploitation, business practices, and the destruction of local and global ecosystems.  We are particularly interested in papers on the following themes:

·       Environmental harm as crime
·       Environmental regulation and corporate environmental crime
·       The complicity of states, their institutions and capitalist society  in the destruction of ecosystems
·       Animal Protection and Wildlife crime
·       Social and ecological justice
·       The importance and impact of green criminology

Other topics fitting within the scope of the journal’s radical manifesto (available online) and the specific ‘green’ perspectives of the special edition are also encouraged.

Full length/feature articles to a maximum of 9,000 words in length and shorter pieces up to 4,000 words are both welcomed.  The deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2014 and a decision on acceptance will be communicated to authors by 30 April 2014.  Full versions of accepted papers will be required by 30 July 2014 with authors expected to respond to peer-reviewers’ comments with final papers no later than 20 October 2014.

Proposals should include a title and an abstract of no more than 300 words, as well as the author’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and institutional affiliation and should be sent to one of the editors below:

Dr Angus Nurse, Middlesex University – email a.nurse@mdx.ac.uk
Dr Gary Potter, London South Bank University – Email potterg@lsbu.ac.uk
Dr Nic Groombridge, St Mary’s University – email nicholas.groombridge@smuc.ac.uk