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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Blog Posts at Works for Freedom

I'm a regular blogger at Works for Freedom.  Here are links and summary.

Litter don't you hate it?  Want to lock them up and throw away the key?  I urge you to think again if only because we all litter.

Obviously you don't discriminate against women, ethnic or sexual minorities etc etc but what about beards, vegetarians or the tattooed?  Or have you?

Here I carry the class war onto the trains.  How first class carriages are criminogenic.

And how about surveillance on the soccer pitch and a rant about tax avoidance.

More prosaicly how do we evaluate schemes to cut crime etc?

Whilst a big fan of the Leveson Enquiry there are still issues of police priorities and time.

And finally I confess my lack of religion but acknowledgment of its influence in some criminal justice practice but urging it to butt out mostly.

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